On my own

On My Own 
Pretending He's Beside Me 
All Alone 
I Walk With Him 'Til Morning 
In The Darkness
The Trees Are Full Of Starlight 
And All I See Is Him And Me Forever And Forever 
And I Know It's Only In My Mind 
That I'm Talking To Myself 
And Not To Him 
And Although I Know That He Is Blind 
Still I Say 
There's A Way For Us 
I Love Him 
But When The Night Is Over 
He Is Gone 
The River's Just A River 
Without Him
The World Around Me Changes 
The Trees Are Bare And Everywhere 
The Streets Are Full Of Strangers 
I Love Him 
But Every Day I'm Learning 
All My Life I've Only Been Pretending 
Without Me
His World Will Go On Turning 
The World Is Full Of Happiness 
That I Have Never Known 
I Love Him
I Love Him, I Love Him
But Only On My Own